Aug 15, 2009

dustin out the cobwebs

howdy all, hope your summers have been enlightening and relaxing. I've been working at my co-op since the end of April, having a blast, making art and animations for the Facebook game 'Myth Monger' by HitGrab Games. Anyways here's some of the card's I've been painting up, I'll post up more as they're released in the game. Enjoy!

Daphne Cove Environment Card

Tombstone Village Environment Card

Bubble Bot Character Card

Playful Lummoxes (Trolls) Character Card

Green Leaf Bridge Environment Card

Troll Pit Environment Card

Lots more to come, I'll post them when I can!

1 comment:

Chenny said...

Is it just me or is there homo-erotic undertones with the two trolls playing..oh and great stuff too btw =)