Jan 19, 2012

Blue Shell Update

My Blue Shell piece in my portfolio needed a bit of tuning (namely the very obvious seam on the lower lip, pictured above), so I took the opportunity today to add some of the latest bells and whistles that I've been researching for my workflow, such as the new specular map as well as the extra detail pass on the normals.  I also did some colour correction to the diffuse map, namely adding some lighter hues to the blue to jazz it up a bit.  

Pictured below is the final spread used on my portfolio site.  On that note, I also recently redesigned my portfolio to make it simpler for my clients to view (click here to see it).  Originally it was divided into multiple sections (environments, paintings, etc.) but I think this new approach is much cleaner and requires way less clicking.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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