Jan 9, 2012

Grandfather Clock Low-Poly Game Asset

Similar to the microwave prop, this prop was an exercise in deriving a low-poly model from a high-poly one, in this case the grandfather clock background element from my thesis.  I decided to take this in a different direction and give it more of a haunted character than the original.

For this project, I used the program 'CrazyBump' (http://www.crazybump.com/)  to add extra detail to the Normal map (the purplish texture pictured up above).  It's incredibly user friendly; all I did was open a PNG of my Diffuse map, moved around some sliders, and very quickly generated a detail pass that I overlayed over my original Normals in Photoshop, so then all of that surface detail (ie. wood grain, the designs on the clock face, etc.) would now appear to have some bumpiness, instead of the default flat 'CG' look.

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