Mar 2, 2014

Cave Scene Revisited

Lately I've been playing around with displacement maps and other awesome time-saving modifiers and work flows in Blender.  Every night I'll do these quick hour-long 3D sketches to try a new technique or idea that I have floating around, and like this one it ends up becoming a full project.

These shots are all pre-decimation (ie. not quite game-ready) but I'm pretty happy with the progress so I'm posting them anyways.  So there!  After I decimate everything it'll look virtually the same anyways, based on my tests.  
Sooner or later I'll get this into a game engine, but for now these are all realtime Blender viewport grabs (with some slight colour correction and bloom added in Photoshop).  Textures were made between Blender, Photoshop and CrazyBump.

 This last shot is a birds-eye view of the map which I thought looked kind of cool.  Backface culling is turned on so you can see inside of it.
(P.S. the torch flames are placeholder for now, I'll use some real particles when I get a chance.)

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